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Join us every month for a new performance. Every month the Atlantic City Ballet will be live streaming a new ballet. Purchase a Premier Subscription to see all 5 ballets or a Solo Pass to view individual monthly performances. Each ballet can be viewed LIVE or enjoy the taped performance at any time.

SPRING TRILOGY. May 28, 2021

THE COLORS OF DEGAS- Theme and Choreography by: Valdenir Costa De Oliveira - The Colors of Degas - A classical ballet inspired by the paintings of the famous artist, Edgar Degas, a French painter of the Impressionist movement who is known for his paintings of dancers.
ODI ET AMO- Theme and Choreography by: Tullio Catà - Odi et Amo - Inspired by the famous poem of the Roman poet Catullus called “Odi et Amo”. (Love and Hate) It shows that after being hurt or betrayed, people could still love and forgive even though some feeling would remain untold.
OUT OF HIDING- Theme and Choreography by: Kirra Matthews - Out of Hiding - This contemporary ballet aims to give voice to all the darkness we hide. It is the long-awaited expression of all the fears and burdensome memories that do not serve us...



JEUNESSE-which means youth in French, is set to the music of Handel. VALSE-FANTASIE-choreographed by George Balanchine, is a brief but captivating ballet that finds a principal couple and a corps de ballet of two women in a whirl of perpetual motion set to Glinka’s swooning melodies. Choreographed in 1953 for the New York City Ballet, the music, roughly contemporaneous with Chopin’s waltzes, is fast and light, although it was popularly called the Melancholy Waltz. HUAPONGO-with music by Pablo Moncayo, is a vibrant ballet full of life with all the excitement of a Mexican town at Fiesta time..


DRUMS-Mar 31, 2021

Drums-Original ballet is a vibrant swirling parade of colorful costumes and pulsing drumbeats. Drums is inspired by the different styles of dances that take place in the multitude of diverse cultures of Africa...



Join the Atlantic City Ballet for Memories Of Love, a program that features some of the most iconic love pas de deux from AC Ballet’s repertoire. Experience the passion and re live the magical romantic moments from Carmen, Dracula and Romeo & Juliet..


WAITING IN TIME-Jan 29, 2021

Inspired by the COVID 19 Pandemic and the eventual shutdown of our country, Waiting In Time takes audiences on a journey through the challenges our world has faced through this global pandemic. This original ballet, choreographed by Phyllis Papa, will chronicle life from before COVID and then during the shutdown with themes of isolation, loss of life and the eventual restoration of our former lives.