ITAP Auditions


Students are accepted into ACB ITAP by audition only. Interested dancers may audition by a variety of ways.

1. Private audition-Private auditions take place at the ACBT Performing Arts Academy. Please call our office to schedule an audition.

2. Company auditions-Company auditions take place in NY, Rome and London

3. By mail-Please read below for instructions on mailing audition materials.


Interested dancers may email their audition materials if they are unable to audition in person.

The audition packet should include

1.Resume, head shot and one dance shot.

2.One video not longer then 10 minutes. The video should contain the following: First combination -short adagio with a develop a la seconde, and arabesque in it. Second combination - pirouettes and one open turn. Third combination -  small beats and jumps Fourth combination big jumps.

Any extra time on the video may contain something of the dancers choosing.

3.$30 audition fee. Checks may be made payable to Atlantic City Ballet


Please send audition material to

Atlantic City Ballet

Boardwalk Hall

2301 Boardwalk

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Attn: Alexandria Pieroni-ITAP Auditions 2019-20

2017/2018 Trainees

Inti Kohnenkamp

Inti Kohnenkamp


Sara Pavesi

Sara Pavesi


Samita Tanglaocharoen

Samita Tanglaocharoen


Monique Williams

Monique Williams


Matteo Vergara

Matteo Vergara


Sample Schedule



8:30-Technique Class

10:00-Men's Class

10:30-1:30-Second Class-Alternate Days-(Pirouette, Ballon, Adagio, Variations, Modern and Jazz)

2:00-5:00- Rehearsal with company in Atlantic City


7:00-Third Class-Alternate Days-(Partnering, Audition Prep, Modern)




10:00-Technique,Pointe, Mens Class


2:30-5:00-Rep Variations

Other classes given include-Character, Ethnic, Choreography and Stretch

Academics will be scheduled on an individual basis.

Nondiscrimination Statement - The Atlantic City Ballet shall not discriminate in any of its functions based on

race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, nation of origin, ancestry, age or gender identity.

ACB can accommodate persons with disabilities with advanced notice of 2-3 weeks. (Assisted listening, audio description, etc…)

Alexandria Pieroni
Managing Director

2301 Boardwalk

Atlantic City, NJ 08401

713 W Moss Mill Road

Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215


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