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The Atlantic City Ballet


To bring the joy, artistry and appreciation for dance to the world's stage through artistic excellence, exhilarating performances, innovative choreography and superb educational programs. This mission is accompanied by a commitment to expand the Company's audience and make ballet accessible to the widest possible public through touring, education programs, the creative use of media, and other outreach efforts.



•We are a classically trained international company with a diverse repertory whose range includes the classics as well as new works. •We are a company attracting award winning dancers and providing them an environment where they can thrive and further develop their art form. •We are a professional company accessible to a broad and growing local, national, and international audience. •We are a company with a world-class Academy providing first rate instruction for professional dancers and meaningful programs for non-professional dancers. • We are a company committed to preserving time honored ballets, dance aesthetic, and standards of artistic excellence. • We are the Atlantic City Ballet"


Founded in 1982, by International Ballerina, Phyllis Papa, the Atlantic City Ballet serves as a prime artistic resource to the residents of Atlantic City and the surrounding areas. The company is comprised of professional dancers from around the world and have earned national acclaim for their technical expertise and exuberant stage presence. AC Ballet offers access to fully-staged performances by a highly skilled company of professional dancers and educational programs designed to fit the needs of a diverse student population. Their community outreach initiatives encourage appreciation of and participation in the art form. The Atlantic City Ballet honors the diversity of world cultures through the engagement of a multicultural company of professional dancers. Although their home base is in Historic Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, the Ballet has performed in theaters all along the east coast and across the country. Their repertoire of original works includes such classics as A Midsummer Night's Dream, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake but, Ms. Papa is most known for her innovative works such as Dracula, Romeo and Juliet and her full length Carmen. Since its inception, the Atlantic City Ballet has served as one of the cultural treasures of New Jersey and continues a tradition of dance excellence for future generations of ballet audiences. STATEMENT OF EQUALITY The Atlantic City Ballet shall not discriminate in any of its functions based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, nation of origin, ancestry, age or gender identity.



Phyllis Papa-Artistic Director/Choreographer
Alexandria Pieroni-Managing Director
Jeff Somers-Company Photographer
Larry McCoy-Booking Agent
Robert Kelly-Accountant


Arlin Padilla-President
MK Thomas-Vice President
Art Korth esq.-Treasurer
Laurie Greene-Secretary
Barbara Gomes * Ava Holly * Sandra Kahn * Phyllis Lacca * Melanie Rice * Rain Ross

Medical Team

The Doctors listed below donate their time and expertise to help the company stay healthy and strong throughout the season.
We appreciate their commitment to our company and dancers.
Dr. J. Zimmerman-Chiropractor
Dr. Michael Welch -DPM
Meghan Mattson-Physical Therapist